Mission Viejo, CA – Jocelynn V. Sustaita, DMD

Comfort and Technology

Single Tooth Anesthesia - The Wand

The Wand can put the dental phobic or anxious patient at ease for any restorative work. The Wand allows for single tooth anesthesia by sending computer controlled flow of anesthesia to the desired tooth. With this new technology we eliminate the need of an injection of local anesthetic to the area which ends up numbing the entire area around the desired tooth. Restorative work made easy!

Digital Smile Makeover

Using photoshop to gift all of our patients a physical copy of a virtual smile makeover mockup of Lumineers or a Snap on Smile.


We know our patients lead busy lives and sometimes have places to be right after visiting us. Using this new technology we are able to offer the ability to reverse numbing agents at the end of our procedures so you don’t have to walk out feeling numb and uncomfortable and can get back to your busy day.

Laser Technology

Using laser we are able to offer painless treatments, including and not limited to irrigation following cleanings to remove microbes from gum pockets, contour gums and perform cosmetic makeovers on gummy smiles, as well as help heal cold sores and outbreaks almost overnight for those special occasions.

Nitrous Gas Sedation (The Champagne Experience)

Intraoral Camera

Digital X-rays

Healing Crystals


Netflix and Hulu