Mission Viejo, CA – Jocelynn V. Sustaita, DMD

Functional, Holistic and Green Dentistry

Safe Removal of Amalgam or Mercury Alloy Fillings

Fillings are used to restore damaged teeth back to their normal function after decay or wear. In the past a common filling material was amalgam, or silver fillings. The material was made up of a combination of metals like silver, mercury, tin, copper, zinc, indium and palladium. There has been a growing concern of the safety of these fillings when considering the amount of mercury we are exposed to through air, drinking water, soil and food. We offer a safe procedure that removes the amalgam and replaces it with dental composite that is healthier and more aesthetic.

Nutrition and Oral Cavity Health

Dr. Vida practices Functional and Holistic Dentistry that looks at individuals as a whole. She digs deeper than oral symptoms and works hard to determine the root cause of any issue a patient may have. Nutrition, sleep patterns and stress levels play huge roles in the health of an individual. Our office works hard to educate our patients on the bigger picture by going over oral health techniques and discussing good nutrition.

Occlusal Adjustments for Headache Relief

Occlusal Adjustments or bite adjustments are performed to remove tiny obstructions that do not allow your teeth to properly come together. The procedure involves selective grinding of tooth surfaces to improve tooth contact patterns. Dr. Vida carefully studies the patient’s existing occlusion and plans her treatment specific to their needs. If you have been having recurrent headaches and you don't know why, a possible solution could be to this treatment.