Mission Viejo, CA – Jocelynn V. Sustaita, DMD

Oral Appliances

Night Guards

A night guard may be recommended to relieve symptoms of grinding or clenching. If you wake up with a sore jaw, experience headaches or tooth pain you may be suffering from bruxism. Custom night guards are created by taking impressions of the upper or lower jaw for either a soft or hard night guard depending on necessity. Having a custom night guard made ensures a proper, high quality, comfortable fit to protect your teeth and reduce strain on the jaw.

Athletic Mouth Guards

When participating in a sport that involves activities that may result in an injury to the mouth, it is very important to protect yourself with an athletic mouth guard. While sports are fun and healthy to be involved in, having an injury to your mouth may cause serious issues and high dental expenses. The best way to prevent these injuries would be to always wear your mouth guard when there is a possibility of a blow to the face and head. They are designed to protect against broken teeth, cut lips, as well as other damage to the mouth.

Retainers and Essix Retainers

Retainers help to guide and maintain the position and alignment of teeth. They can be made to wear after orthodontic treatment or at any point for a patient to cease movement of teeth. Wire retainers are made of thin metal wire and acrylic shaped to fit the roof of your mouth or along the inside of your lower teeth. Essix retainers are clear and cover the entire arch of teeth maintaining the position.